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customer complaint : types of complainers

At least five types of complainers can be identifier and each type is motivated by different belief, attitudes, and needs (Wysocki, Kepner and Glasses, 2009).

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Types of complainers and how to respond effectively:

Types of customer
The meek customer
Generally will not complain
Must work hard at soliciting comments and complaints and act appropriately to resolve complaints.
The aggressive customer
Readily complains, often loudly and at length.
Listen completely, ask: “what else?.” Agree that a problem exists and indicate what will be done to resolve it and when.
The high-roller customer
Expects the absolute best and is willing to pay for it.
Is interested in results and what are you going to do to recover from the customer service breakdown.
The rip – off customer
The goal is not to get the complaint satisfied but rather to win by getting something the customer is not entitled to receive.
Use accurate quantified data to back up your response and be sure the adjustment is in keeping with what the organization would normally do under the circumstances.
The chronic complainer customer
Is never satisfied; there is always something wrong. This customer’s mission is to whine.
One must listen carefully and completely and never let one’s anger get aroused.

Wysocki, A.F, Kepner, K.W, and Glasser, M.W.(2009), “Customer Complaints and Types of Customers,” University of Florida IFAS Extension. Retrieved on 12 March 2009 from

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